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The motivation behind this project is to capture user activity on Twitter during a major television broadcast and observe how well the program is resonating with their audience. The analysis can identify popular topics and hashtags, locate key users, and provide additional insights on how content is being shared. I wanted to apply this to AEW Dynamite which airs on TNT every Wednesday at 7pm CST for its 2 hour broadcast of wrestling matches and promos. The latest episode, on Wednesday, March 18th, 2020, was especially interesting for several reasons.

  • AEW announced that on this episode, they would be revealing "The Exalted One", which they have been building up for months.
  • This was also the week before their "Blood and Guts" special, which would feature their first War Games-esque match between The Inner Circle and The Elite.
  • Lastly, because of the Coronavirus pandemic and the need for social distancing, this episode of Dynamite was broadcast with no live audience at the Daily's Place in Jacksonville, Florida.
The tweets were collected from about an hour before and after the show to include some insights on pre- and post- show activites.
Here's a summary of the analysis.

For an interactive demo, check out this Twitter Activity Dashboard. It contains a subset of the total dataset (9,466 tweets) covering the last ten minutes of the show and five minutes after it ends (8:50pm-9:05pm CST).

This is an on-going project and updates will be made regularly. Feedback and comments are always welcomed.
Find me on Twitter @vizwrestling or send me an email at visualizingtheelite at gmail dot com.

AEW’s Two Surprise Debuts and Sammy Karaoke
Spike Twitter Activity

The tweets were collected on Mar 18, 2020 from 05:59PM CST to 10:04PM CST, for approximately 4 hours and 5 mins. This line graph shows the number of tweets over the span of time. The vertical black dotted lines are reference lines for when the show started 07:00PM CST (or 19:00) and when it concluded 09:00PM CST (or 21:00).

Summary Statistics
Total number of tweets 77474
Number of unique users19282
Average number of Tweets Per User4.02
Average Number of Tweets Per Minute317.52

East Coast Loves to Tweet

This map shows the locations of the tweets based on the Twitter user's location as declared on their profiles, if provided. It only includes valid states in the United States. For example, “Parts Unknown” is not a valid US location.

From the map, we can see that largest number of the tweets originated from users in New York (3,633), Texas (2,591), California (2,424), Florida (1,941), Pennslyvania (1,658), and Illinois (1,638), respectively. The users that are tweeting about AEW are mainly identified as being from the eastern United States with the exception of California.

Top 20 #Hashtags

These tables show the 20 most frequently used #hashtags in the data set along with its frequency. Note that the hashtags underlined in bold were terms used in the query to collect tweets via the Twitter Streaming API.

Hashtags (1-10) Frequency
Hashtags (11-20) Frequency

Majority of Tweets are Retweets

This pie chart shows the breakdown of the different types of tweets. Retweets (RT) are tweets that repost or forward a message posted by another user. Responses are tweets that are directed to another user. Mentions are tweets that mention another user but is not a retweet or a response. All other tweets are grouped under text tweets.

More than half of the tweets in the dataset were retweets, implying that there is a lot of content sharing and broadcasting. Let's look at who and what they are retweeting.

Top 10 Retweeted Users

This table shows the 10 most retweeted users in the data set along with its frequency.

The official AEW accounts @AEWonTNT and @AEWrestling are the top two most retweeted accounts in the dataset. This may suggest that they are quite effective at reaching their audience with proactive content that encourages them to engage and spread (i.e. retweet). tde_wrestling, a popular account that creates and shares wrestling GIFs, was a close third.

Username Frequency

Top 10 Retweeted Tweets

This table shows the 10 retweeted tweets found in the data set along with its frequency.

What was the top three tweets?

Click on the Tweet IDs to see the actual tweets.

Data Collection

More to come on the detailed process in putting together this project, but here's a summary of the technologies used.

  • Data collection and storage: Twitter API, Tweepy, Python, PostgreSQL
  • Data processing and analysis: Python, NumPy, Pandas, RE, nltk
  • Visualization and dashboard: Matplotlib,, Dash, Heroku, Bootstrap

Query terms that were tracked on Twitter using the Streaming API: #AEW, #AllEliteWrestling, #AEWDark, #AEWDynamite, #AEWonTNT, #WWE, #NXT

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